Custom Website Design

Establish your own web identity
to take your outreach farther!

The standard website design choices available as part of our new online outreach solution will give you a crisp, clean, professional look that can only enhance your congregation’s evangelism. But our talented design team can take your website even farther … with an optional custom design.

Among the things you can get with one of our custom designs are ...

  • unique and engaging user-interfaced Web animation deploying AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery, Flash, Silverlight, and other popular technologies
  • a Custom Browser Favorites Icon
  • search-engine-friendly graphical text to maximize the SEO value of headlines without sacrificing graphical production values
  • color-blind-accessible design
  • flash options such as an animated image rotator, interactive flash elements, or manageable interactive flash
  • professional page layout and production

If you'd like to option custom design services for your congregation’s website, contact your UMC Church Development Team. We'll give you a look that’s uniquely your own.