Why Us

No other method of evangelical outreach
provides so many tested tools in one package!

These are, indeed, the tools your congregation needs to navigate the swift currents of 21st century evangelism …

  1. Uniquely Web-oriented tools to help your congregation expand its influence and connect with those seeking to …
    • find any of the more secular-oriented services you offer (like daycare)
    • discover faith-related information that inspires hope
    • avail themselves of your various ministries
    • connect with your church … and with God
  2.  A highly visible website that’s “search engine optimized” so you’ll be found online
    • can be used as your primary website or as an added outreach tool
  3. Built-in social networking for more opportunities to engage your members, strengthen relationships, and connect with the community at large
  4. Online giving tools that make it easy for your congregation to contribute financially at any time – from any place
  5. An appealing, professional website design to attract visitors, hold their attention, and encourage repeat visits
  6. Content we’ve pre-prepared and personalized for you, including information specific to your congregation, its communication needs, and its local mission
  7. Optional, automatically updated content from the United Methodist Church that you can use “as is” or adapt to your purposes
  8. The results you want – no matter how little you’re involved with this website (We’ll continue to prepare and update content for you. And if you want to add your own? The tools we provide make that easy.)
  9. Ongoing U.S.-based support – clear, expert answers by phone, email, or online chat
  10. A complete website package – hosting provided – starting at just $50 a month with a 12 month contract.

Without a doubt, this is the easiest, most affordable, most effective way we know of to spread your congregation’s message. 

Our outreach tools can especially helpful in your efforts to reach the un-churched in your community who may be open to the more secular-oriented services you offer – daycare, for instance, or family counseling. By connecting with them when they search online for these kinds of services, you create an opportunity to “begin the evangelical conversation” that may later bring them into your fold.

This toolset will help them find you, too. The Web, after all, is where people go these days … to shop ... to gather information … to seek advice. They’re not looking much in newspapers or phone directories anymore. So, if you’re not on the Web – or if your website isn’t drawing and holding the attention of visitors – then you’re missing opportunities. Not only that, but you also may be depriving those in your community who could benefit knowing of the services you offer – services other area churches may not be providing as well as you, if they provide them at all!

Want more reasons why you’ll want to use our Online Outreach Toolset in your evangelism efforts? We’re happy to tell you! Simply contact your UMC Church Development Team.